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Professional Services and Partnerships
  Application Development
Spotlight on: Amazon Echo

Bringing your business into the digital world is much more than wearing a virtual reality headset!

At AK Loman, our software engineering team are pioneering ways for our clients to deploy groundbreaking apps that deliver their products and services to exciting new markets, reaching out to the new internet first generation of consumers.

Are Generation-Z your next clients, and how will they be communicating with you? Isn't it time you were talking to us about how your company can benefit from real digital marketing?

IT Due Diligence
and Cost Review

In any acquisition you need to ensure due diligence on the IT estate of the company you are looking to acquire.

Understanding the company's IT estate, the cost of integration, consolidation, web scaling and the risks and issues relating to Total Cost of Ownership are all key decisions in any acquisition.

Our specialist team can provide you with a concise and pragmatic, business focused assessment following a deep technical analysis, at a fraction of the usual cost.

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Travel and Tourism

We have a great team of people who collectively have over 100 years experience delivering, integrating and running the IT systems that support the travel industry.

60 second elevator pitch...

The following are just some of the services we have delivered to our travel industry clients:
  • IT Due Diligence for Acquisition
  • OTA integration and API development
  • Integration of 33 Channel Managers
  • Integration of 25 Hotel BedBanks
  • Integration to major finance systems
  • Airline Integration
Partnership Spotlight on:
Liaison Technologies

AK Loman is proud to be a Gold-certified Liaison reseller partner with proven capabilities and skills particularly within Liaison's Delta/ECS™ and Liaison Contivo™ suite of products.

The Liaison integration and data transformation products are key to delivering affordable solutions, without the data tax imposed by many other suppliers in this technology space.

Liaison Partnership Announcement

Business Solutions

  WebScale eCommerce

Xiirt (pronounced: Exert) is our proprietary, Real-time data management system that provides the capabilities you need to deliver fast, affordable eCommerce solutions handling over 10,000 concurrent searches and updates per second.

Xiirt optimises your data to efficiently respond to your customer's search requests, minimising your IT costs and reducing response times, thus increasing conversion, page views and customer satisfaction, which leads to greater customer loyalty...


our Infographic on the advantages of improved eCommerce customer response:

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  Business Expenses

Gathering and processing your business expenses or those of your team is time consuming and takes you away from your real job. Adding to your frustration with all those bits of paper and mileage claims.

Imagine a world where that's not necessary!

At AK Loman we are developing a revolutionary application suite to deliver a world were managing your expenses is a thing of the past, ensuring you recover all the money owed to you - especially when its from the tax man!

  Logistics Integration

From affordability of the last mile to seamlessly connecting to your supply chain and markets.

Your IT systems are only there to make your business more efficient. Not cripple you with unreasonable costs to provide your service!

Having helped the world's largest logistics companies get the best from their IT, our team of experts are ready to help you and your team deliver your objectives?

The Leadership Team

Kevin Martin

Commercial Director

A commercially focused operations director specialising in cost reductions in capital expenditure and operating costs. Working at the interface of IT and the business to ensure objectives are shared and understood and nothing gets lost in translation.

Andi McBurnie

Technology Director

An Innovative IT Engineer with a background in robotics and over 25 years experience helping major corporations identify and realise the value of their IT estate and how best to leverage that investment with a keen focus on the customer.

Jamie Gibbon

Client Delivery Manager

A highly detailed and diligent IT projects and programmes manager who really does deliver. Having over 20 years experience in both major corporate and SME environments, he is the cornerstone in the AK Loman client delivery engine.

Petros Damilos

Client Operations Manager

With extensive experience in managing business IT, Operations and Finance platforms. Petros relishes any challenge and opportunity to introduce innovative approaches to optimise the value of IT Operations.


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